Do I Need A Sex Crimes Lawyer Following Rape Charges?

When a person is accused of a sex crime like possession of child pornography or sexual assault of a child in Houston, Harris County, TX, they’ll need top criminal defense lawyers like that provided by Jack B. Carroll & Associates.

A sex crime is a serious criminal offense that involves the violation of the rights and personal space of a person who may not be able to resist their aggressor. The courts frown upon these types of actions and are relentless in their pursuit of individuals accused of committing such crimes. If you or a loved were accused of a Texas sex crime, whether guilty or innocent, it makes sense to reach out to an experienced criminal defense lawyer that knows what it takes to beat a sex crime charge in court.

Can I Get My Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed?

As any Houston sex crimes lawyer will tell you, any type of criminal charge can be beaten in the court of law. However, with the weaponization of victimhood like that which ensnared Bill Cosby, anyone can be convicted of a sex crime regardless of the existence of evidence.

However, as far as hiring a lawyer for the purpose of getting a sexual assault charge dismissed, you’ll need to hire a lawyer regardless, whether the case fits the profile of a case that can be dismissed or not. In some cases, you’ll have to take a case to trial to get it resolved for the defendant in a positive fashion when in other cases the state can see obvious frivolous allegations and usually will dismiss the case. Usually.

However, without sound legal representation that has experience litigating such cases, getting a sexual assault charge or any other sex crime dismissed in Harris County, TX, is more of a dream than an item of practical reality. In short, yes, it can be dismissed, but not without a lawyer blowing wind into the sails.

Looking for a sex crime lawyer in Houston, TX?

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